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Faith Stretch

Updated: Jul 12

Has anyone ever had a season that just seems a bit much? Yes—life can be difficult for all but, man, sometimes it just seems like you're being trampled by a slow-motion, relentless herd of turtles. Anyone else?

I saw a big box turtle last week on a march to a nearby pond and so that exaggerated imagery has had me giggling this week and it's just about the only thing keeping me sane! (C'mon, have some fun and picture it with me: being mowed down, in slow motion, by a ton of turtles. That's what it has felt like! Welcome to my brain!)

These types of one-thing-after-another-days (or weeks or months) are when our faith is stretched. Our resolves are tested. Our hearts are tried.

We've been in one of those seasons around here and while it doesn't seem like the turtle-herd is done marching, I am daily working on trying to change my perspective so that the turtles don't win ◡̈.

If we realize that faith-stretching also produces in us an increased capacity to trust the Lord, then we can be confident that those times will not only refine us, but He will use them to complete the good work that He has started in us.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. (Philippians 1:6 NLT)

With any faith stretch, as hard as it may be, it's an opportunity for our faith in the Lord to grow. We can either stay tramped by the proverbial turtles—and look to see who will commiserate with us (just me?) —OR we can fight our way to the top, stand up, and believe that the time of testing can be used to increase our faith in the Lord.

Even on days when I am tempted to wallow in it, I truly find the most satisfaction when I stand up, shake off all that I'm feeling, and begin to declare what I know to be true about the Lord. He then helps me see beyond the circumstances to the One who never fails me in them. In doing so, I am assured I will have the joy of looking back —in time— knowing that with His help I survived the season and came out on the other side stronger.

How are you allowing the Lord to increase your faith today?

How We Wait Today:

Fellow Wait-er, He is faithful, even when we don’t understand, when we have more questions than answers, when we are carrying complicated emotions in our hearts all at the same time, and when we wish it could be different. He is still faithful.

Through it all, be reminded that our faith increases when we:

remember that God is good, regardless of our circumstances

recount God's faithfulness and remind ourselves how far He's brought us

rest in His loving arms knowing that He is for us

respond with 'thank you' even if we can't see the end.

Hang on to Philippians 1:6 and let that be your anchor today—turtle season or not. 🐢

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