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Good Grief

A broken heart representing grief

We've all lost something. Keys. A shoe. A prized possession. A job. But what happens when it's someone or something you love?


Grief will accompany us all at some point. It will meet us in a moment, sneak up on us when we least expect it but, in time, make us stronger if we're willing to hold hands with it, even when we don't want to walk the path it's taking us on.

This last week, we lost a little friend. We said goodbye to our family dog and we are wrapping our hearts around all the feelings. And before you stop reading right here—this is not a post about losing a pet. It is, but it isn't. And by no means am I here to say that my loss equates to the loss that some of you are dealing with or have experienced with humans you've loved. However, it is a loss nonetheless, and because I'm learning the art of slowing and learning to listen—this is one worth slowing down for and worth talking about.

Good Grief.

Why is it good? Because no matter who or what we lost, we are experiencing grief because it means we loved. It means there was joy. It means there were memories created and that they are worth remembering. It means we were privileged enough to share space with a living thing that the Lord created and brought into our lives for a reason. It is worth grieving over. And we should.

So often we want to power through hardship and loss and get to the other side of whatever is normal so that we don't have to feel vulnerable or express emotion or hold hands with grief. The process of grieving once again connects us with our finite humanness and reacquaints us with the jolting recognition that this is not Heaven—yet. We live in a broken world where bodies break down. And while I'm also not here to debate whether animals are in Heaven or not, I am here to say that regardless of your stance on that, all life—human, animal, plant, or otherwise—is precious to the Father, (Matthew 10:29-31) and if he took time to create it, we should take time to honor it with our grief.

Make no mistake about it, the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. (Psalm 34:18). Thankfully, He doesn't leave us in our sadness or in the tension between what was, what is and what will be, but walks right into it with us and counts all of that emotion just as holy as a moment of hushed reverence.

Every moment has the opportunity to be a holy one. Even one filled with grief. If He's holding your hand on the path of grief today, may you be comforted knowing He is with you and He's never been closer than He is right now.

How We Wait Today

Whether you are walking through unimaginable grief or aware that you will journey with it in your life at some point, let it be a reminder to you as you process all the important stages that each one is important and marked for purpose. As much as you want to move through them quickly, let each stage have its place and give it time as you honor the one you've lost with the good grief that the Lord is allowing you to experience, thanking Him for the ability to love.

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