• Tara Banks

I’m No Different…

Creation has this beautiful way of being a leveler. If you are 3 or 103, it's no different. Whether it's picking up a pudgy worm out of the yard with the earth under your fingernails as a child or whether you're sitting in a park in the winter of your life under a blooming cherry tree as the blossoms fall all around, we are privy to experiencing creation. If we slow ourselves, we can experience it responding to its Creator.

Creation's purpose is to give Glory to God. It can't not. (It's worth the double negative.) If you go to the most desolate remote places on earth, there will be seeds waiting in the dust, ready to sprout with the first promise of rain. If you scale a mountain, there will be a flower blooming its heart out behind a boulder. If you were deserted alone on an island (I certainly hope never!), you would find flora and fauna flourishing. Just because. Just because that's what creation does.

While our task on earth is to rule and subdue creation (Genesis 1:28), if left alone, creation will sing the song of its Creator all by itself. It doesn't need us to do its job. It doesn't wait for us to step in and take over.

Seeds in the dust will sprout.

Flowers will bloom behind the boulder.

Flora and fauna will reach toward the sky.

All in an attempt to obey its Creator as He breathes on it sets it into motion and says GROW.

And it does. It's simple. It has one job.... and it obeys.

I'm constantly amazed at these small, uninstagrammed moments of obedience. The weed that pushes through the sidewalk again and again with an iron will. Ready to obey. The clouds float by carrying their measured moisture cargo ready to deposit when the Creator summons their surrender. Ready to obey. The moon that brings the tide and the waves that crash through the dark of night. Ready to obey. All of creation tuning their focus on their singular purpose.

And the best part? None of it is done to be acknowledged.

Weeds don't care. Clouds don't care. Moon and waves don't care. They have one audience - one reason alone to do what they do. And it's not you and me or intended to be captured with filters. It's for their Creator alone. And they are doing their version of "worship and obey" in the way only they can.

If they had eyes - they'd be glued to Him. If they had arms, they'd be outstretched. If they had voices, they'd be shouting at the top of their lungs.

They don't.

But we do.

We are no different than the earthworm pushing dirt or seeds sitting dormant or a weed returning again and again. We are called to respond to our Creator. Yet, we have an opportunity to respond in the way only we can as humans. With our eyes - fully focused. With our arms - reaching for more. With our voices - actually speaking and singing our declaration out loud. We were created to worship with our whole lives. Every part pointing back to him as a way to show the world who He is. Not for our sake or to be noticed, but to simply tune in to the anthem of our souls and add our life voice with the song of creation that's already being sung. We are his creation. We are called to do what all of creation is called to do. Point back to him.

Pause. Eyes up. Be mindful today that everything you see was created by Him or through the things He created. All of it. And while we live in a fallen world and it's not all being used to glorify him yet, and this is not Heaven where every knee bows and confesses He is Lord, we can do our part to help His kingdom come right here on earth today. We are called to simply do what our souls were created to do: Point every bit of focus to him while putting none of the focus on us. So today, take your place right there along with the worms and the tide and the flowers and the sky. Let's respond with our lives in the way only we can, as if to say, "Hey, World! Look! Jesus loves you, and He's using all of creation to let you know just how much".

Don't ever forget you are a part of what he intended to use to point people directly to him. Use your life today to point well.


"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard.Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world." - Psalm 19:1-4


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