• Tara Banks

When The Season Is Over...

Three short months ago, my son finished college. He did it super-speedy style in three years and in the middle of a pandemic. And while he wanted it to be over as quickly as possible, my husband and I were busy figuring out how to wreck the space-time continuum so that time would stand still. We knew we were at the end of all the borrowed time we'd been given with him. We knew the season would soon vaporize - and it did.

Having just recovered from the emotional upheaval of college graduation, one short week ago, that same young man held my hand and kissed my cheek, and sat me down on the front row of the best day of his life as he promised his heart and vowed his life in marriage to his high school sweetheart. Once again, I found myself feeling as if I had been robbed by Father Time and was trying to grapple with the end of a season of our lives and how to "be" about it all.

We are thrilled! And stunned. And overjoyed! And our hearts are in 100 pieces and stuck in our throats as we stop, shake our heads, and stare at each other in amazement and ask, 'what just happened!?'

In wrapping up two monumental seasons, I'm heart-managing all the thoughts...

Proud? You betcha.

Shocked? Totally

Sad? Indeed.

Grateful? Completely.

Relieved? Yes.

Concerned? Absolutely.

Excited? So.

So many thoughts.

Have you ever been at the end of a season or at the cusp of a new one and not know how to "be" about it?

You might even be ready to acknowledge your feelings are big, and you feel some kind of way about it but can't figure out where to file all those thoughts and feelings in the big scheme. You are not alone.

Should you be proud of what's been accomplished? You betcha. Should you feel shocked that the previous season is over and the next awaits? Totally. Should you feel sad and mourn the loss of what was? Indeed. Should you be grateful for all that was and what's to come? Completely. Should you be relieved that it's done? Yes. Concerned for the next season? Absolutely. And excited… yes.. so very excited.

I'm learning that our hearts can hold multiple complicated things at exactly the same time. And I'm learning Jesus isn't afraid to walk right into all the raw and listen as we try to explain our tangled hearts to Him. Instead, He sits with us patiently as we choose His presence, and He gently pulls one thread at a time until the knots unravel and we begin to see all the pieces more clearly.

Seasons. As they come and inevitably go, mark the tangled pieces with pauses. It's essential to unfold them with care, give them time, and let all the messy pieces have their moment. Will there be conflicting emotions? Yes. Is that part of it? Absolutely. But no matter if you're entering a new season, in the middle or at the very end of one, be sure to stop and mark it. Marking every aspect with a spirit of gratitude - for what was, is, and will be - will set your heart in the right place to enter the next season God has for you.

The Father waits patiently for us to be present in His presence and be reminded that though seasons change, He never does. That, fellow Wait-er, is something we can be sure of when nothing else is.

His Word is our anchor. His presence, our peace. Be found in both today - no matter your season.


Whatever is good and perfect comes to us from God. He is the One Who made all light. He does not change. No shadow is made by His turning. - James 1:17

p.s. Book update coming soon ◡̈ ♡


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